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3D Formula Of Successful Manifestation

How many of you experience contrasting/negative experiences? What a stupid question! We all have contrasts.

How many of you become determined to do something about your life, your emotional/vibrational work? A lot of you. When contrast hits hard, you make the decision to do something about it. You’re determined. And your life improves. But not to the highest level, because you’ve just started.

How many of you become dedicated to continue?

Some of you. Because the  initial determination inevitably weakens. And when it does, that’s the time for dedication. When positive momentum starts, it must be maintained. But when dedication isn’t strong enough, you may start forgetting about your desires, about your highest goals.

How many of you become disciplined enough to finish your journey from emotional breakthrough to solidifying your positive momentum?

Very few of you. When major contrast is behind you, you tend to be less determined that you were in the beginning. Life becomes tolerable and dedication weakens.

You forget the desires you’ve launched when it was hard, and you underestimate how hard new contrasts hit.  You become a sloppy thinker.

This is the time for discipline. You need discipline to finish your vibrational transformation toward your highest desires and goals.

The 3Ds formula of successful manifestation:


That’s why i’ve launched my live online group mindset training, Negative Thinking Breakthrough. It’s intended to help you  START, CONTINUE, and FINISH the job.

The organization of the training helps you facilitate the start your emotional work and keeps you working on the same emotional grid for however long it takes, until you reach undeniable and invincible faith in your success.

Compared to other trainings, I’ve created a special program that will serve you as a 24/7 online support in times of weakness and doubts. Because of its unique approach, you will embrace the fullness of the structure of the emotional scale  and the variety of suggested options, which will lead you to the right vibrational state of mind to succeed.

The training will keep you determined, dedicated and disciplined in order to make your dreams come true. No less than that. Not one life coach can guarantee your success, because it requires YOUR determination, dedication, and discipline. My training helps you to keep up all three variables of the 3D formula of successful manifestation.

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