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Hi, I’m Victor Dull, and this is my story on how I ended up resigning my position as a behavioral health counselor of 20+ years to manifest self-employment in my new company,

Only recently did I realize that all my life’s inspired actions were undertaken in an endless search for worthiness.

I asked myself, "How do I help people to be firm in their sense of worth?"

My Story

I started this journey at an early age - as a middle school youth in Alaska. I often found myself being the mediator for my friends who were having disagreements. Most of fights were attempts to maintain dignity and about whose value was higher. In high school, not only did I continue doing this, but I was even listening to the problems of adults. 


For about ten years of major personal contrast, I was continuously doubting my worth and value, which led to some poor choices. Eventually, the desire to do something worthwhile won out. I became an elementary school teacher with a master’s degree in cross-cultural education. In this position I had a tendency to be a counselor instead of a teacher - advocating for my students who were wanting to be treated with dignity and  have their value and worth recognized. This resulted in my ruffling the feathers of some parents, but the kids came out the winners.  


After six years of teaching I was nudged back to helping people with their personal problems on a full time basis. I became a mental health counselor, for which I acquired three more degrees, the last one being a master’s degree in community psychology. To satisfy the behavioral health system I did lots of paperwork. The system seemed narrow minded to me; it seemed to be more worried about covering its ass than helping people acknowledge their value and worth. So I began looking for alternative modalities that resonated with me.

Alternative Methods

To help people to release their emotional traumas faster I learned new methods and techniques including Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation (FasterEFT). I tried it with my clients and it resonated with them with relieving results. Many of my clients learned this tapping technique and it was obvious that they were going to use it for the rest of their lives to help them overcome possible emotional insecurities.

Crying for Dignity

The years with the juvenile justice system and the troubled teens involved, led me to ask this question: why does the American constitution mention the word Dignity but American schools don’t mention this word in their curriculum? I worked at a clinic that served a private boarding high school and each youth I saw inevitably burst into tears when I asked them about their dignity. They couldn’t articulate what dignity was, but it made them cry. I began a search for the definition of dignity and I found the most comprehensive explanation of the concept of dignity and human value in the Russian book called Parenting For Everyone by S.L.Soloveychik, which later I helped translate into English.

Now It Makes Sense

Human value, dignity and worthiness, truth, goodness and evil - all came into place. This resonated with me, but what to do with the information? How to get the definition of dignity out to the world? I wrote a work of fiction Dignity, What’s That, Sam?  It was  a hit in a detention facility I worked in for nine years. One youth asked me, “You wrote this about me, didn’t you?” The book resonated with these adolescents because they were striving to have their dignity acknowledged, but society tended to treat them as common criminals. This youngsters, both male and female, only desired to have their worth and value accepted, particularly by family and their probation officers.

Law Of Attraction

Then came Abraham Hicks’ teachings, which led to my clarity, connecting all the dots. The idea that we're all born worthy and free, something we seem to forget over time, was the answer to my life time search. I realized that people can rediscover their worth with awakened consciousness. This took me some time to get used to, but then, it gave me hope - to teach youth and their parents about the Law of Attraction and how they can create their lives with thoughts of their worth.

In Search Of Uplifting Tools

When I taught the youth how thoughts create things I pointed out the connections between their thoughts, their feelings and their circumstances. I coached them on how to have better feeling thoughts, how to pay attention to their thoughts by paying attention to their feelings. To help them to continue using this knowledge, I co-created the FeelGoood app, which has many topics that offer  sets of carefully selected better feeling thoughts, and it allows a person to edit the words on the cards or even add their own cards. The app is free and available for mobile phones and computer browsers.

FeelGoood Generator

While working in the juvenile justice system, I kept looking for a better way to help adolescents and their parents. The FeelGoood App was helpful but it didn’t provide solutions to everything. I was thinking of some sort of general scheme or “cheat sheet” that would help anyone to come up with better feeling thoughts. I ended up co-creating the FeelGoood Generator, the tool I use today. It is a document that contains prompts to lead you up the emotional scale. It can be used to help you in any situation when you need guidance to find better feeling thoughts.

 FeelGoood Mentoring

Currently I help  people of all ages to increase their sense of worth, to regain their emotional footing so they not only get on with their lives, but reach their highest potential, reach their goals. I help them to improve their relationships whether it be on a personal level or in the professional arena through my FeelGoood mentorship. My clients happily marry, after years of search for their soulmate; they happily reconcile with family members, with whom they had a strained relationship for a long time; and they happily get promoted at jobs, which they previously hated.


“I’m learning to be more aware of my focus now because I know the truth. I know how the Law of Attraction works. I know that I am trusting myself more now than I did before. I now feel talented and powerful.”  Barbara G.

Getting Aligned

In the meantime when I’m looking for my alignment I read who-dunnit fiction, play with my dog Simba and my cat Derrick. I also enjoy pastel painting animal portraits and landscapes and charcoal portraits of people. As a result of my alignment I wrote two little books I Don't Mean to Sound Preachy and Musings From the Tundra. This is what I’ve learned about human worth: the happier you are, the closer you are to who you really are - brilliant, worthy, and unique.

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