Dignity, What’s That, Sam?

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“This sucks!” 12 year old Andrew tells himself after he runs away from an abusive father and a mother addicted to cigarettes and game shows. Andrew is rescued from a gang beating by Sam, a homeless man, who takes the boy under his wing.The two engage in philosophical discussions about dignity, worth, and value.

This coming of age story takes place in Salem, Oregon and local environs. Andrew finds himself having to defend Sam, who is accused of kidnapping and child molestation. Andrew goes up against people’s fears and false beliefs , and in doing so realizes the truth about his dignity.

This book is an attempt to bring dignity back to its rightful place in human relationships, and to introduce the concept to mainstream society. The author, Victor Dull,  spent countless hours wondering how to make the subject of dignity palitable without boring people to sleep. During a 3AM brainstorming session, the inspiration to put it into fiction was arrived at.


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