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Doubt! Gotta love it!

Doubt! Gotta love it! Yesterday I took the train up to Seattle from Salem OR to visit my niece who is in the hospital. I got lost going to the train station in Salem. Without hesitation, I stopped to ask directions. Turns out the station was just a block away.

The train ride was pleasant and relaxing. The taxi ride took 15 minutes from the station to the hospital.

I arrived at the hospital and felt a twinge of overwhelment and turned that off by focusing on where I was so I knew where to be to get a cab back to the train station. Through the doors, the hospital staff was awesome giving me a map of the place and where to go.

After many twists and turns and directions, I found my niece’s room. We had a pleasant visit.

I had planned to return to the train station at 5 pm, but at 4.30 my Inner Being (gut) said, “Time to go.” 

My taxi arrived and off we went and came to a screeching halt in the middle of rush hour with people miles ahead merging onto I-5. During this time, little seeds of doubt tried to take hold in my brain, but I chose not to nurture them.

It took 50 minutes to go just a few miles. I arrived at the train station with 10 minutes to spare.

Instead of getting anxious and stressed as I would have in my previous life, I went with the flow and danged if everything turned out well.

Every time doubt tried to plant a seed in my head, I changed my focus onto something more enjoyable. Focus, focus, focus. The sway of the train, the flavor of cool water, the legroom on the train, my niece returning to full wellbeing … making peace with what is.


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