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Feeling Worn Down

Many people work hard to reach their desires, doing many processes and spiritual exercises, and in the end they tell me, “I’m feeling worn down.” It seems as if nothing helps them to reach what they want, because they’ve tried so hard that they wore themselves down and exhausted themselves. In this case, Abraham would say: “You’re trying too hard! Take it easy!”

For many people it’s easier said than done. When desires are strong most people feel desperate, not easy. For them it’s almost impossible to take things easy. They’re confused, “if I take my desire easy, doesn’t it mean that my desire isn’t important to me? If so, then why would I bother to want it at all?” This sort of thinking confuses many Abraham followers.

The confusion comes from the belief that something big or meaningful must be earned by hard work, or immense efforts. The easy way is considered to be the “lazy” way. Lazy is always disapproved of. However, Abraham Hicks states exactly the opposite. The most aligned, great result is reached by easy efforts, by “allowing.” So there is no sense to wear yourself down by hard efforts and endless processes. Learn to relax and start using subtle energy work – alignment, the tuning process, the lazy allowing. Start allowing yourself to do nothing!

Many people would shrug just from the thought of doing nothing, “It’s horrible!” However, ask yourself, “Do I want to keep doing what I was doing and believe in what I believed and still don’t get results, or, do I want results and start changing my beliefs?”

If you want to get results, start learning to do nothing, to relax and enjoy free time and an empty mind. No work, no thinking of work, no blaming yourself for not thinking of work, no thinking at all. The best way to not think of the work is to think of something nice, for example your favorite hobby. What do you love to do? Allow yourself to do what you love. You would be surprised that the best ideas for your work will come at the moment when you’re in alignment with your joy.

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