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Motivate Yourself With FUN

I often hear my mentees complain about feeling stuck, lazy and lacking motivation to work on their dreams. This happens when people try too hard to reach their goals. They unwillingly overwhelm themselves and need to reinstall hopefulness. I offer them this FUN way to release emotional resistance. Focused Upliftment Now.


~I feel stuck, lazy and lacking motivation to work on my dreams.

~I know I should work on my energy improvement but I feel like doing nothing.

~Well, it’s time to take a break.

~My break doesn’t mean that I forgot my dream or lost interest to it.

~It means that I allow myself to refresh my mind.

~I empty my mind from accumulated doubts, and fill it in with the fresh hopefulness.

~Hopefulness about my ability to get what I want.

~Hopefulness about my power to create things I want.

~I love to be hopeful!



~I allow myself to feel good about me doing nothing.

~I allow myself to feel satisfied with me having no results for now.

~I allow myself to feel OK to be lazy now.

~Lazy people are not the ones who don’t want to do things.

~Lazy are those who don’t want to do things inefficiently.

~I want to do things efficiently.

~I want to do things with ease and flow.

~That means, I want to be aligned with the energy that creates worlds!

~I want to feel great before I start doing anything!



~It’s OK to be stuck, to stop working on something unproductive.

~Perhaps there is a reason for that.

~Instead of struggling and feeling guilty I take time to relax and think of something nice about myself.

~When I realize how nice I am to myself I love myself more.

~When I love myself more I allow myself to recall who I really am: brilliant, inspired, productive, energetic, talented, intelligent, authentic, and beautiful.

~When I am inspired and aligned with the source of all energy I am able to do things fast and easy.

~When I am inspired and aligned with Myself I am able to go with a flow and tune to great ideas.

~When I am inspired and aligned with Infinite Intelligence I am able to do everything, be everything, and eventually have everything I want!

~I love being inspired and aligned!



~I am becoming hopeful.

~Hope is something that makes me alive and moving.

~Hope is a beginning of my belief in my abilities to reach my desires.

~Hope is my friend who tells me, Don’t worry, you can do it!

~Hope is the difference between I don’t want and I want.

~When I don’t want, I am hopeless; when I want I am hopeful.

~When I want I am alive.

~All living beings are alive when they have desires.

~Desire is everything!

~I have my heart desire and I am hopeful that I can reach it.

~Now my job is to feel good and hopeful.

~That’s enough in order to start accumulating the energy of its manifestation.

~And now I feel that my desire to reach my goal increases.

~I actually want to start working on things that felt so overwhelming, boring and useless.

~I am refreshed, energized and ready to go.



If you expect an external trigger for your inspiration you may wait for eternity. It’s not a matter of discipline. Even if you consider yourself a disciplined person, you still can’t force yourself to think about something that can’t be inspired anymore because you can’t help but notice that your reality doesn’t inspire you. Try to talk yourself up and you will find that the FUN way works for everyone. Have fun with it!

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