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Going Forward Bothers Me!

A friend of mine was nervous to undertake a positive move in his life. He said, “Going forward bothers me.” Some people aren’t happy being stuck in their emotional problem, but they aren’t happy to move forward. So they choose to stay in their comfort zone, even though it isn’t comfortable at all. Just moving forward seems to them even more uncomfortable. Of course, it’s a new life, something they don’t know yet. Of course, they fear the unknown.

The good new is that the fear of unknown is natural and even brave people experience it. The difference is in one’s attitude. So, it makes sense to change one’s attitude toward moving forward.

I offered my friend  the following sequence of better feeling thoughts:

“Going forward bothers me. It’s uncomfortable to think of going forward from what I already know. But what I already know isn’t comfortable either, it’s just habitual. So what do I risk? Both states aren’t comfortable, so  why not to try to go forward, where I might find something better for me. But I’m afraid of what’s ahead of me. I don’t know what will happen to me. Yes, I admit that I fear the future. It’s because I assume that the future may not be good to me. But what if at this moment I start changing my attitude to my future? What if I insert doubt to my habitual thinking? What if I’m wrong and the future will be good? What if things can be different if I want to change? What if I can change my mindset and start expecting good things? I think that I was fearing too much and prefered to stay stuck because I allowed my fears to overtake me. But what if I start thinking differently and begin to release my fears and doubts? I know that many people were in my shoes before they moved forward to their desires. I know that I have desires and I know that I’ll be happy when I’m able to realize my desires. For that I must start moving toward  them. So, I’m now at this stage of my life where I must make a decision to be happy or to be crappy for the rest of my life. I choose to become happy and therefore I’d rather choose to release fears and make a decision that from now on I don’t want to be bothered by any negative emotions. I’m anticipating moving forward in my life. This sounds so good! I love saying this out loud : I am eager to move forward! I love saying this and listening to myself say it. It sounds good, It feels good! Even speaking about moving forward  feels good for me – how will I feel when I actually start moving forward? This is a thrilling adventure! I’m learning to trust the universe and trust myself for this move. I’m learning to listen to my inner being in order to soothe my feelings when they become tense. My inner being is happy to move forward! I know this because I hear my inner being and it’s excited to move forward. Yes, I still have some discomfort of moving forward to the unknown, but I can soothe it by learning about the future, learning about the actions and events that are ahead of me. I can get knowledge about what’s waiting for me, but most important I’m going to prepare myself to trust the universe – to be aligned with my source that will never let me down. I can align myself with my desires and dreams and I learn to keep the high emotions during my journey. This way nothing will bother me in my moving forward, only joy and happiness. And even if I experience contrasts on my way – I know they are temporary, they are manageable with my new skills to keep myself joyous and aligned with my Source. Now I am ready to move forward!”

After a few days of practicing this kind of mental training my friend stopped being bothered by his doubts and was truly ready for a change. I was proud of him and more importantly, he was proud of himself!

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