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HELP! I’ve been emotionally hijacked!!

People complain about the inability to reframe the negative emotions caused by life’s hurts.

This is a complaint I often hear in my coaching practice.

For the people doing the complaining, they feel as though their brain has been hijacked by negative thoughts and the corresponding emotions triggered by events in their lives.

They are being hijacked for one reason, and one reason only. They’ve developed the habit to be emotionally hijacked through no fault of their own. And it has become a habit they can’t break free of.

Some people give in to being hijacked and accept it as their new normal. And there are others who refuse to accept this state of mind. These people feel that they deserve better.

They know they lack the knowledge, the skills, to stop the habit and develop a new one.

You’ve made a great start by acknowledging that you’ve been susceptible to being hijacked and are ready to be set free.

There’s a common fallacy that it takes about 21 days to change a habit. Research shows that it takes longer – approximately 66 days. Imagine 66 days to freedom! That’s better than being held hostage for a lifetime.

66 days to no longer being emotionally hijacked. Since so many people complain about being hijacked and held hostage by the inability to reframe negative emotions, most of my 12-week group coaching program focuses on HOW to break free and maintain the uplifting momentum.

You’ll also learn simple skills to break through those negative emotions and lift yourself higher up the emotional scale. And the cool thing is these skills will become second nature to you and will last you a lifetime. Think of that, being able to be who you really are, being free to enjoy life regardless of the circumstances. Being free and easy and happy.

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