I Don’t Know My Purpose!

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A teenager told me, “I don’t know my purpose.” This young man thinks that the purpose of life should be some grandiose goal – like saving people’s lives, or developing a miracle drug, or building cities, etc. Even though it’s great to know your purpose from an early age, it’s really not that important as long as you’re eager to live life and feel good about it. Abraham Hicks teaches that the purpose of life is joy. That’s it. So, as long as you strive to experience joy and have fun, you’ll be fine, because joy will show up  in some meaningful activity, and you will be proud of yourself.

One thing “taught” by society is to worry about your purpose and lose the joy of the present time, thinking of some unclear future, spending energy in search of something that doesn’t resonate with you, just because you want to look good in other people’s eyes. That will never benefit you or others. The true purpose of life that people admire is always aligned with joy, with ease, with fun, and feeling good. So it makes sense to strive for feeling good and have fun, then the purpose of life will come to you as inspiration.

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