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I Feel Like I Deserve So Much More

When you experience a contrasting experience – someone abandoned you, or rejected your love, or broke up with you – at the bottom of your heart don’t you feel like you deserve so much more than this? So much so that it sounds like a voice in your heart.

“Karen” (38) complained about this after her boyfriend of five years left her for another woman. Karen said she felt unworthy and unloved, but still when she had moments of clarity about herself, she “knew” she deserved better.

Karen spent six weeks working with me, developing her ability to acknowledge her self-worth and practiced loving herself by finding better feeling thoughts and lifting up her mood with affirmations that resonated with her. She practiced what I call feel good rants, wherein on a daily basis, she found positive aspects about herself and her life.

Another thing Karen worked on was looking at the positive aspects of previous boyfriends she had and combined them into a list that she referred to as her ideal man and the ideal relationship. She worked herself up the emotional scale and focused on “so much more.” She allowed me to share her feel good rant with that title:

So Much More

So much more beautiful!

So much more sincere!

So much more wonderful!

So much more treasure!

So much more meaningful!

So much fuller and deeper!

So much softer, so much easier!

So much more fun, so much more joy!

So much more feelings, so much more love!

So much more me and so much more you!

So much more energy, so much more life!

So much more!

Several months after our mentorship ended, Karen emailed me and reported that she had met her soulmate. She said she appreciated learning how to appreciate her contrasts and the positive aspects of her former boyfriends. By doing this she was able to release resistance allowing her to allow goodness into her life.

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