I Just Feel Alone

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When I read Facebook posts I often see people complain that they feel alone, even if they’re in relationship. How can this be?

First I want to clarify; what these people mean is that they’re lonely, not alone. And so, even if they’re with someone, they still feel lonely – not understood, not heard. It’s very sad, when you feel lonely. But is it something you want to use to blame others for not being  compassionate or not tuned in to your vibe, or not listening to you carefully?

I’ve been pondering on this for a while and this is what I understand after studying the wisest teachings. If I’m alone and feel lonely – it’s because I think I’m not loved by anyone, even by the higher power, Source, or God. If so, I’m lonely everywhere, even in a crowd, even with my best friends. If I’m feeling secure, loved, I feel loved by my God or Source, I don’t feel alone even if I am alone!

The solution to feeling lonely – is in finding a way to love yourself, to feel the love of your higher power, love of heaven, the Universe, love of God. If you don’t believe in God, then there’s something that you can find inside you, maybe your inner voice – your inner being, who whispers to you about love for you, listen to it and feel loved… Then you’re never lonely, never alone!

To help you to feel love for yourself, start looking for activities that would bring you joy, pleasure, a sense of self-love

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