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Jimmy’s mother complained that her son was beginning to exhibit bizarre behaviors in the past two weeks, barking at passing traffic, hailing Satan, and asking permission to burn bibles. Jimmy spent a few months in substance abuse residential program and was seeing me for aftercare. He and I had been working together for about two months before mom complained about the odd behaviors. A day before one of Jimmy’s appointments, his mom called to reschedule because Jimmy was suffering from a sinus infection.

A week later I met with Jimmy and his mother. Mom expressed her concerns and Jimmy said he was only talking like that to tease her. He said he got a kick out of seeing her reaction whenever he brought up Satan and bible burning. I challenged Jimmy by asking, “At whose expense are you reaching your goal?” Jimmy responded with chagrin, “my mom’s.” I asked Jimmy about his motivation to hurt his mother in this way. He complained, “She irritates me,” and he went on to give examples. He said mom uses a baby voice when she talks to him, and that irritated him.

I reached for Louise L. Hay’s book, Heal Your Body and without showing Jimmy, pointed out to mom what Ms. Hay had to say about sinus problems, “Irritation to one person, someone close.” Mom broke into a smile. I asked Jimmy’s permission to tap on him and he gave it. He complained of a “clutching” pain in his neck which he said was related to his sinus infection. Ms. Hay has something else to say about that, “Refusing to see other sides of a question. Stubbornness, inflexibility.”

I took Jimmy through five rounds of tapping on irritations and clutching pain. During the tapping process I incorporated phrases from the FeelGoood app that is based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks. After tapping, Jimmy was able to test the clutching pain in his neck and said it didn’t exist anymore. I tested the irritation by asking his mom to use her baby voice with Jimmy, who only smiled and gave her a hug, something he had been avoiding for about two weeks according to mom.


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