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Is it possible to go from resentful to love?

There are days when we are triggered by a significant one. The trigger could be something trivial and we still blow it out of proportion because we’re hurt. Or our perception is that it’s something major, something substantial. We believe that we’ve wronged in a major way and we feel resentful.

Instead of attacking the other person and making a bad situation worse, there’s an easier way to move from resentment to love. It doesn’t happen in a heartbeat, or even in a minute, but it happens.

Here are some lines from the Resentment topic in the FeelGoood App. These lines are at the lowest end of the Emotional Scale:

I feel resentment toward you and it feels awful.

The more I think of what you did to me the worse I feel.

And the more I want to feel better.

I am deliberately becoming aware of my feelings to help myself feel better.

I am glad I started working on my resentment.

I notice, it touches me.

And I want to decide what to do with it.

And at the highest end of the Emotional Scale we end with these lines:

I know that I am the powerful creator of my joyous life!

I love this life!

I love this world!

I love myself!

I love you!

I love my experience!

I love knowing that because of this great experience I’ve reached an even greater feeling!

I feel like I want to move forward!

I feel like I want to tell you something loving.

How do we get from resentment to love? We “talk” it out by moving up the Emotional Scale with better feeling thoughts that are already laid out for us, so we don’t have to struggle and wrack our brains. Searching for the next better feeling thought.  The FeelGoood App does it for us!

Check it out:

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