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It Doesn’t Have to be Positive?

Most people mistakenly think that a better feeling thought, or good feeling thought, MUST be a positive thought. Abraham doesn’t recommend that you put on a happy face when the happy feeling doesn’t resonate with you. When you aren’t happy, don’t pretend to be positive.

But then you say, this is a dilemma. On the one hand – I don’t want to continue my negative thought because I don’t want to regurgitate it and maintain  negative momentum.

On the other hand, I can’t think of anything positive. For example, when I hate my colleague, I can’t love her, or appreciate her good qualities. It’s tormenting to force myself to list her positive aspects in the hopes that my vibe shifts. I simply hate her more!

Does this situation sound familiar?

What’s the solution? How can I help myself to stay focused on better feeling thoughts?

The key is in the word “better”. Better doesn’t mean good or positive. Better means BETTER.

For example, when I say, “I simply hate her more!” – this feels better! Really, try it when you’re alone. Or do it in your imagination. Scream it! Let it all out – in your imagination, or in the forest, or in an empty park, or into a pillow! Whatever helps you to feel BETTER.

But don’t stop there. Even after you feel some relief, there’s more. Talk about your problem with  FOCUS – focus on how you feel when you say something about the subject. If you don’t know how to start, try speaking aloud those positive aspects of your subject of focus, be it a colleague or loved one.

On an  intellectual level you know those good qualities. It’s when it comes to your current vibe, your current emotions, that you don’t want to speak of that person in a good way. But now, you deliberately talk about her, and pay close attention to how your inner being resonates with what your saying.

When you notice growing frustration – a desire to blame, then stop. Ask yourself – does blaming feel better? When the answer is yes, – then do it. And that’s how it works. Gradually, your better thoughts will change from hating, to blaming, to a desire to forget etc. Each has its own vibe.

How to focus on better feeling thoughts? Focus is in your awareness that you are doing this with the intention to feel better. Writing your thoughts or recording them may help you to focus. The key is your conscious decision to work on your vibe. While you’re working, you’re focusing.

The more time you spend on this work – looking for and finding better thoughts – the more you focus. Your brain is busy with this good work – looking and finding what helps you feel better. You will thank yourself later for the work.

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