Krispy Kreme Donuts vs Onions

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The Krispy Kreme Kid

“Walter” complained to me that he had gotten kicked out of a treatment facility and was afraid they wouldn’t take him back. If the facility didn’t take him back he would remain detained for weeks if not months while his probation officer found him another facility. I took Walter through the Faster EFT tapping protocol, focusing on his feeling of fear and the underlying powerlessness. During the tapping I incorporated some of the teachings of the Law of Attraction according to Abraham Hicks. After the fourth round of tapping, Walter said he could no longer feel the fear and powerlessness, but waiting in detention could be problematic. He said he wanted more than anything to get back in the program and continue his treatment.

I asked Walter to name a food he really hates and he said “Onions.” He explained what eating an onion is like for him and I could relate. I then asked Walter to name a food he thoroughly enjoys. Without hesitation and a big smile on his face he said, “Krispy Kreme donuts.”

Krispy Kreme donuts. I told Walter to sit back, relax, and close his eyes, which he did. I instructed Walter to see himself eating a donut, to feel the texture, the flavors, the crumbs, to focus on the experience of eating the donut, hear it, feel it, smell it…

About a minute into the experience, Walter began to smile. He reached up and wiped an imaginary crumb from his chin and he licked his fingers. He said, “I’m done.” He opened his eyes and he had a goofy grin and his eyelids were half-mast and announced, “That was better than an orgasm!”

“That feeling, right there,” I said to him, ‘that feeling. That’s the feeling you will feel while waiting to hear from the program. When you find yourself having onion thoughts, go back to eating a Krispy Kreme donut. Practice having Krispy Kreme donut thoughts as often as you can. Be okay with where you are and look forward to other Krispy Kreme donut moments.”

Two weeks after this session, Walter happily announced that the program was taking him back. He said it was all because of Krispy Kreme donut thoughts. Four months later Walter called and told me that he completed his program successfully and was doing well.

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