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Marrying Skills to Create a Dream Job

Marie, a 45-year-old artist came to me complaining about how she always seemed to end up in low-paying, low skill jobs. She said she was anxious about what job would be right for her and if she even had “higher level skills” as she put it. Marie said she was currently working part time in an art gallery as an assistant manager, which would end in a few weeks. She said the next job she had lined up was a janitorial one.

I asked her about how she got hired at the art gallery and she admitted that she had managerial skills. I suggested she consider the skills she has to create art and ride a motorcycle. She came up with a substantial list for both, which included quick thinking, adaptation, and balance, to name a few.

The next thing I had Marie do was describe how doing these two activities made her feel. She explained how painting and riding were exhilarating and invigorating. Marie said she felt a sense of power, control and freedom when she was engaged in painting and bike riding.

During our next conversation I asked Marie if there was a way to marry the skills she had for these two hobbies. It was then she came up with the idea of holding art workshops for children. She likened this activity to riding a motorcycle and was excited about the prospect of preparing for the endeavor.

At the end of her coaching program, Marie said she no longer had any qualms about doing low skilled labor after gaining clarity on the fact that she does indeed have higher level skills. If she couldn’t get a job that used those skills, she’d make her own job and keep doing the other jobs to pay the bills.

Marie’s transformation was something to behold. She went from being a person who had little faith in her artistic future, to someone who was making her dream job come true.


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