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Maybe I’m Still Mourning?

One of my clients recently broke up with her partner. She complained that she feels hurt and asked, “Maybe I’m still mourning?”

I offered to walk her through an emotional uplifting process:

“I’m still mourning my loss. It hurts because any loss hurts. Because I consider this as a loss and I attach this hurt as a loss to my value. Therefore it hurts. If I didn’t consider this as a loss of personal value  it wouldn’t hurt that much. So, I’m aware that my recent break up with this person was painful, because I feel like I’m losing all the goodness I got from this relationship. But now I’m willing to redirect my thinking toward something positive. For example, I want to think of what gains I can get out of this broken relationship. Well, first of all, this painful experience led me to do this emotional work, so in the future I will be able to cope with similar loss much easier or maybe I will never have to experience this again. Secondly, I may start thinking that the pain is temporary and, with time and practice on my part, it will go away sooner or later. And eventually there will be a light at the end of tunnel. I may start thinking that there can be a better relationship in my life if I change my emotional state for better and start attracting a better relationship with better vibrations. And maybe, this breakup is not the end of the world? What if something wonderful happens to me after all? What if I won’t attach the loss in this relationship with the loss of my worthiness? What if I’m able to gather my energy and align with my Source so that I allow myself to see a way to a new, more satisfying, more beautiful relationship in the future? I’m becoming more hopeful. I’m learning to realise that there aren’t many reasons for mourning, because nothing matters very much, except my ability to feel good no matter what. I think I can find ways to feel good no matter what, just for the sake of feeling good, for my own sake and sanity. I think I’d rather put more energy on efforts of loving myself more, caring for my feeling good and happy. I think I deserve happiness and I feel this from the bottom of my heart. I love myself and I want to be happy. I’m going to do everything so I become happy. I know that it’s possible by striving for happiness with all my power. I love thinking of my happiness and I love thinking of loving myself. I deserve love. I know that by loving myself from within I will attract people who truly love me. I’m going to be happy and attract a new love with my love and happiness!”

She repeated the sentences after me and her face slowly relaxed and lightened up. I love my job! I learned to do this by studying, analysing Abraham Hicks scripts. With time I developed my own scripts, which I call topics, that everyone can use from their phones, from the FeelGoood app.

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