How To Turn Your Old Negative Thinking To Positive Because You Can...

You can actually get your old negative thinking to work for you! Yes, work for you! Instead of fighting and hating it, learn how to restructure it to your advantage.

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Negative Thinking Habit

Fine-Tuning Thoughts

With Breakthrough Training

New Life!

6 Reasons Why You Need

Negative Thinking Breakthrough

Because you want to stop the habit of negative thinking and start positive momentum in your life. 

Because it's easier to be guided by a professional coach, a master in mindset restructuring, than doing it yourself.

Because you work hard towards your big dreams you don't want annoying habits to hold you back. 

Because negative thinking creates negative momentum that materializes negative things in your life.

Because your soul asks for inspired action, but you don't have time for trial and error when it comes to your life goals.

Because your life matters to you more than anything else, and you are ready to prove it.  

Determined - Dedicated - Disciplined

Approach to Your New Mindset

When your negative thinking pulls you under water, you are alone with your problem, and don't notice that help is on the way.

With this training you learn to access useful resources within and learn to take off.

These training skills will allow you fly free for the rest of your life.



Having unbridled, unshakable faith in yourself and your abilities, just as  children have faith in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.


You will develop this faith and a new successful mindset using a secret formula for motivation.


It’s about moving from habitual helpless belief "I can’t" to radiant immovable faith "I can!".


It's about seeing your possibilities and resources, molding your reality and life into the way you know it’s supposed to be.

What You Get From the Breakthrough Training 

You learn to stop the negative thinking habit. You turn it around with the help of a coach, a carefully developed program, group support, and a special tool.

You learn a negative thinking emergency precedure to use in the middle of contrasts, to stop unwanted momentum. 

You are part of a small VIP group. A group coaching environment is the best to overcome emotional resistance and create a supportive spirit.

You find out how to shift into a new dimension of thinking by increasing the probability of success.

You will discover the secret ingredient for the Focused Upliftment Now recipe.

You discover an inspired action formula to use in your every day life. You practice mastering a new mindset.

You work with an online FUN tool that adds to your valuable mental toolbox. It is a necessary part of sustaining your skills for life.

You are breaking up with an old habit and starting a new love relationship with yourself.

Whenever you face the mindset death crawl you will be equipped to win! 

Because of your coach. 

You learn to deal with the complacency factor, which prevents many followers of the Law of Attraction from reaching their desires. 

Help Yourself Break the Negativity Habit!

Do you know that the trial and error approach costs you more in terms of lost time, frustration and decreased self-esteem?

Do you know how many people take advantage of the affordable price of group coaching and the efficient time management of professional guidance?

Help Your Significant Ones Turn Around the Vicious Cycle of Negativity!

Do you know that after the Breakthrough training you will be equipped with reliable emotional skills to uplift yourself and others, including your family members and friends?

Do you realize that the Focused Upliftment Now tools will serve you the rest of your life because your mind is trained to automatically use them in any situation?

Help Others Break the Habit of Negativity While Allowing Yourself to Make Passive Residual Income!

Have you ever thought of allowing yourself to make money while helping others to learn necessary uplifting skills with this online program? 

Do you realize that if you like your new dominating positive vibration in this new mindset state, you can now take this business opportunity and seriously make passive and residual income with our online referral program!

What's Involved in This Training?

Live Group Training Program

12 weeks - $3,600 of value

12 Live Group Sessions

Five participants per group

Additional 1 Individual session ($150)

Daily communication

VIP Facebook closed group forum 

PLUS Focused Upliftment Now Online Program

3 months - $900 Value

Filling in the grids, visual tool

Moving up the emotional scale

Focused Upliftment Now - FUNworks®

Daily reminders, homework

Video tutorials

Live chat, 24/7 support

FeelGoood Generator (additional value of $100)

Potential business opportunity to help others and generate residual income

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! 

No More Sloppy Negative Thinking! 

Meet the Coach

Victor Dull, MA, M.Ed

Mental Health Couselor, FasterEFT II, Life Coach

For 20+ years he's been a mastermind in the field of helping people improve their sense of worthiness, belief system, emotional stability, relationships, confidence, and wellbeing.

He is a very capable, competent and resourceful clinician who enjoys looking outside the box to find unique interventions for those he serves.



Negative Thinking Breakthrough

Live Group Training - like never before!

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  • Full PRICE of $1500 - Killer fraction of the value! 
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This Is My Promise

If you do daily FUN works and still don't get 100% satisfaction from the training, I will return your money!

I'm 100% confident that in three months you'll say goodbye to your old thinking habits and say hello to the life you deserve.

So, What's This All About?

If you're still reading this you're most likely fed up with your old habitual thinking. And you know that you can't fix this PROBLEM yourself. 

I offer you a proven SYSTEM, necessary guidance, a 12 week mindset training, after which your life is going to change. Guaranteed.

Now, before you think of how you can afford this training, I want to ask you to think of the OPPORTUNITY COST. This means, how much your unresolved negative issues will cost you if you don't fix them. How much will stress, anxiety and fears cost you in the next few years of your life?

Have you thought of the PRICE of your DREAM if it won't be fulfilled because of your habitual negative thinking?

Here's the thing:

What do you risk to lose? Nothing. Except the chains that hold you back.

What are you going to gain? Dreams come true. Period.

I give you my word: If after your diligent homework you still have your old negative thinking habits, I'll return your money! Deal?


An Early Bird Bonus - Only Today

"Reaching For That High Vibe"

- ebook

Includes a number of FeelGoood streams of gradually better feeling thoughts. There is a variety of general and specific situations in the categories People, Money, Body, Me, including the most popular paid topic.

Additional $50 Off - If You Apply Today!

Coupon code - "training50off"


Thus, Only Today - Your Total Investment is


(Compare with $3,000 to $30,000 for conventional coaching)

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