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New Year’s Resolutions Suck!

What are new year’s resolutions? Promises we make to ourselves and after a week or two into the new year, drop like the proverbial hot potato.

I used to make new year resolutions and like many people, gave up on them in a short time. That led me to wonder, “What am I missing? Am I not good enough to follow through?” Each thought begat an even worse feeling thought

I found myself working my way down the emotional scale until I felt miserable, not good enough, unworthy of even thinking about improving myself.

And then I started following the Law of Attraction, particularly Abraham Hicks’ teachings. Something changed, a new thinking leaf was turned over.

The thing was that clarity didn’t come in an instant. The leaf turned over in slow motion, but it turned over.

Clarity in my thinking… I don’t have to feel bad about not fulfilling my resolutions. I don’t have to feel guilty. Once I released the guilt, I freed myself up to focus on what it was I actually wanted.

I came to the realization that the new year resolutions I was making were made from the position of lack – I lack the right weight. I lack the right amount of money in my bank account. I lack a brilliant personality. I lack, lack, lack …

So I started turning the thoughts around to better feeling ones. And just the way the negative thoughts bred more negative thoughts, the better feeling thoughts sowed more better feeling thoughts.

I started with allowing. I allow myself to be this weight. I allow my bank account to be what it is – at least there’s some money in it.

The next step was to take what I had and slowly work myself UP the emotional scale, reaching for better feeling thoughts. And damned if that didn’t work!

In doing this work and from a place of alignment, I took a look at the word “resolution” and realized this word held a lot of resistance for me. It didn’t resonate with me big time. I resolve to…

I looked for a word, a phrase that felt better and came up with “I choose to …” and “I’m learning to …” Whew! This was so relieving!

Now instead of starting a new year with resolutions, I start each day with choosing to learn to allow myself to do something and do it with pleasure.

So, if you struggle with new year resolutions, check out a new way of approaching your desires by clicking on the link to my Negative Thinking Breakthrough.

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