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On New Year’s Eve 1985, a 17 year old girl killed her classmate. Her motive was simple: she needed money to buy a dress. The girl was adjudicated. But there was one simple, human question left: How could she? How could she kill another human being?

You can follow along as the author of Parenting For Everyone, Simon Soloveychik, makes his own investigation into the murder. He finds unique moral answers on why someone can kill another person. His approach focuses on understanding the nature of healthy human development. He unveils secrets of raising good and morally intelligent children for which parents can feel confident that everything will be alright with their children.

Translated into English by Aigul Aubanova and Victor Dull.

Parenting For Everyone is three comprehensive books in one:

book 1 Man for Man

book 2 Man in Man

book 3 Man and Man

You will find 17 open chapters out of 245 at

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