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Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

I woke up at 4.30 AM this morning with a message from Abraham. (I fell asleep listening to Abraham on YouTube).

The message was to just chill and do something that makes me feel good, that lifts my vibe. My response was to get up, make coffee and read by the light of the Christmas tree and listen to oldies rock and roll.

The message came at a time of contrast. Instead of stressing and fighting with it, I embraced it, opened my arms and said, “Let’s dance.” (Thanks, Bruce Terrell, for the idea). I might have stepped on its toes a time or two, but it’s all good.

The ability to pivot so in light of contrast was/is liberating.

Thereafter ideas flowed freely.

To be able to pivot in the face of contrast is such a pleasure. And to do it as quickly as Michael Jackson on stage. It takes practice, practice, practice to become a master at the pivot.

To pivot masterfully, without thought, with ease, with grace and style – that’s what it’s about.

If you feel you’re not there yet and need more practice, let me be your “dance” coach. Let me help you polish your dancing shoes and let’s boogie.

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