The momentum of negative thoughts – can it be stopped?

You ever have one of those days where you experience a bit of contrast and your thoughts take off like a runaway horse? I’ve had those times. Helpless in the saddle as the horse gallops through the forest, it’s all I can do to hang on. If feels like nothing I do can stop this powerful, unpleasant momentum. Sometimes it’s simply annoying and other times it’s downright scary!

The last time this happened to me was late last winter sitting in the dentist’s chair. Visiting the dentist has never bothered me before, but I must have had some kind of vibe that I ignored and being in the dentist’s chair was a trigger that set off that wild horse of negative thoughts and those led to a gigantic anxiety attack. Breathing didn’t work, visualization didn’t work. The laughing gas the dentist offered didn’t work and only made things worse! I was stuck on a wild run-away horse that was my thoughts. What the hell was going on?

Only after digging deep and deciding I was in charge, not my thoughts, was I able to slow the beast of anxiety down and bring it to a full stop. On my walk home, I looked around in my memory searching for the grid that needed work. I found it, but every time I recalled it, the anxiety reared its ugly head. I started with the feeling of anxiety and tapped on it as I continued walking home.

Once the anxiety was gone, I took Abraham’s advice and went general, found little things along the way to appreciate: clear blue sky, the scent of lush green grass freshly cut, hey look at that cool sports car! My mood changed for the better. I was at least blue on the Emotional scale.

But, I didn’t stop there. Past experience taught me that just because I’m feeling better doesn’t mean I quit doing my emotional work. I wanted to go higher on the emotional scale, so that the higher feeling became for dominant. So, I spent time finding other things to appreciate and doing things that bring me joy, and I milked them as Abraham would say.

Today, I can say I tamed that wild horse, no longer does it bolt at the slightest provocation. I’ve trained it to do what I want. That’s not to say it doesn’t try to run off sometimes. I’ve learned to recognize the signals and nip them in the bud, before negative momentum builds. Dedication and consistency are the backbone of maintaining my vibe, because it’s my desire, because I am worthy of feeling good, feeling happy, feeling satisfied.

To help you train your runaway horse that creates unpleasant feelings, the first step is becoming aware of your current dominant emotional level. The next step is finding a method that works to turn things around, and I can help you with that.

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