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We Are Just Too Different

There are many reasons why people break up in a personal relationship. One of them is when people think they are “just too different.” She wants one thing, he wants another, she thinks one way, he thinks another. But have you seen couples who are absolutely the same?

The problem is that when one person does something different the other person isn’t happy about it. That’s the only problem. In such cases, even if people have common interests they’ll always find a reason to be unhappy. So, the problem is not in the number of interests two people have in common, but it’s in the unconditional love they have for each other, or it’s in the conditional love, where one should do the same thing in order to please the other.

With Abraham’s teachings we learn that we should strive to be happy in the relationship just for the sake of happiness, independently of our partner. Only then  will there be harmony, love and peace. So, any complaints regarding a personal relationship becomes a trigger for the search for inner happiness of a person. That’s what I do in my FeelGoood mentoring. I teach people to train their mindset toward finding better feeling thoughts about themselves, so that they learn to become uplifted anytime and anyplace. My mentees learn to love themselves more and become independent from other person’s influence. After my training they never complain about incompatibility with others. They know their worth and look forward to meeting their true love.

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