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What do better feeling thoughts and riding a bike have in common?

Riding a bike is a pleasurable experience for many people. Some are serious about it, like those who participate in the Tour de France or those who engage in extreme bike riding. And others are more laid back about it.

Any type of bike riding involves the rider focusing on where they’re going; looking forward with the occasional brief glance backward with the twist of the head or looking into what looks like an oversized dentist mirror. But the majority of the rider’s focus is on the path ahead.

And it’s this focus forward that makes bike riding similar to finding better feeling thoughts.

Over the years, in my line of work, I’ve heard many stories about people who couldn’t help but relive some painful experience or two, and sometimes three or four. It was like they were stuck in a movie theater that only replayed their pain over and over.

These people have difficulty moving forward in their lives. They have difficulty making their dreams reality, through no fault of their own. I liken it to trying to ride a bike without looking forward. They simply do not have the skills to ride the bike of their thoughts properly – they’re constantly looking over their shoulder.

What I do is teach them to change their focus by finding better feeling thoughts in tiny increments, word by word, sentence by sentence, feeling by feeling. This takes practice and more practice, until it comes automatically. And the skills learned last a lifetime, just like riding a bike – properly.



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