What Paul Said About His Women

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Several years ago, I began working with a 38-year-old male, Paul, who constantly complained about not being able to find a good woman. He was extremely critical and often rude in his comments about the women he dated; he tended to refer to them in unsavory four-letter words. Paul grumbled that the only women he met were ones who were drunks and drug addicts.

In spite of his negative outlook on women, Paul was an awesome uncle to his nieces and nephews, he talked passionately about how he envied men who squired their wives around town with kids in tow.

Paul came to me because he felt his personal life was stalled and he worried that he was becoming more and more disenchanted with the fairer sex. I explained to Paul my mentoring program based on the Law of Attraction, and since we were acquainted, I told him if we did this, we were going all out to turn his attitude around. I explained my six-week mentoring program, what that looked like, and what was expected of him. Paul said, “I’m ready.”

At first, Paul was full of bluster and blame when it came to his lack of a personal life. It was the fault of the women. He stated once, “They think they’re better than us.” In no uncertain terms I told him to stop it and think about what he wanted. Thereafter, we worked daily on better feeling thoughts applying some tools I developed.

Paul learned that he was putting up barriers and resisting what he really wanted by focusing on what he didn’t want. I used the analogy of a buffet with all kinds of foods available and I asked Paul what he would put on his plate; he named some of his favorite foods and said he would even have seconds. When I asked, Paul named foods he didn’t like. I explained that he could consider his thoughts as food – if he had thoughts that made him feel good, he was “eating” foods he liked, and if he had thoughts that made him feel bad, he was “eating” foods he didn’t like.

It was touch and go for a couple of weeks as Paul acclimated to the program. There were times he was ready to throw in the towel and walk away saying, “This is bullshit.” Fortunately, he was able to remind himself of what he wanted and refocus on better feeling thoughts and get his head and heart back in the program.

Three months after Paul finished my program he called me up and said, “Today I’m 40 and I stopped looking.” To me, this was evidence that he finally released resistance. I congratulated him on his birthday and his new outlook on life. A year later he sent me a wedding invitation. He’s now happily married with two youngsters that he is proud of. This was proof that he finally allowed what he wanted!

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